cbay recommends… Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar

For most, life is an endless hustle. Especially in the creative industries. To all of my talented and inspiring friends, and to everyone who is doing what they love, not necessarily what society wants you to do or pays the bills best, keep on the grind. It’ll all be worth it.

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (Live in Studio)

I personally like this live studio version better than the original:

Sure we all need a dollar, but I’m not advocating a life of excess. Work is just one of those things you have to do. It’s just hard to keep working if you even for just a split second start to lose momentum and motivation. And, as I’ve been feeling lately, the challenge is to pass the low and flat points and search out those new high points to conquer.

My good friend Chux brought up an interesting point the other day. Why is everyone on this ‘FML’ shit? What happened to the more empowering days of ‘F*** the World’ (and I’ll do what I do)?

I suggest it’s time to change perspective. If you want to sit and focus on trivial matters that supposedly F your life, go ahead. Because for every day you let the world FYL, others will continue to work on their craft, make something of themselves, get better at what they do, learn something new, keep pushing through, crush their challenges (and challengers!), and the all while LOVING IT.

In the words of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk,

There is no reason … to do shit you hate.
… You can lose just as much money being happy as hell.

Hope you enjoy this tune, do what you love, and enjoy your life.

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